**** For My Dear And Best Friend +Amsterda Rocha... ****

Or *** To Make Honors To Our Titi Cat The Super Star ****

Here Is Titi Cat the Super Star King Cat... Three Months ago... He is More Grey Than Brown... It's Just Because Of The Light... Today, i took a Drink with a Dear Friend And Neighbor.... Titi Recognized me and Went To Say "Miaooo" To me, He Was On The First Floor, On His Top, And i Was On The Second One Floor... So, So... He Stayed Until i Came To Bring Him Home By My Sides... He Made His Rests On Our Earth, Then He Went to Me...  So Tiny, My Titi !!! Tonight, I Got to Go To Paint In White Our Future Paintings, To Paint On Them, Next... Week... Certainly... A Pre-Painting Indeed... So, So, After a Last Drink, i'm Going In The garden To Pre-Paint Our Future Paintings... It's True... I Do Sometimes Got The Blues... But In Three Hours, i Can Paint Each Side Of The Wood... So, So, Let's en Joy TO LIVE, LOVE, LIFE... THIS IS THE SECRET. My Secret That i Bring To You to Share +Amsterda Rocha, And to each One who Is reading these Lines, ... I Don't WANT To Be a Judas... I Do Prefer To BRING PEACE AND LOVE TO EACH ONES.... My Dear Friend Is Going to Make Bicycle Over Budapest... I'M BORED ABOUT My STUPIDITY. i Want Him To Live, Love, Life... With His Wife. That's It. I'm NOT The Beast. The Beast Exists. So I'm Going To Kill Her. That's It. Danke. even If they prefer to make on their Arms, a devil's tattoo...  I Just Want As A Tattoo, A.D.I. O. As Anima, Dieu, Inconscient, Into A Cercle As The Ombra.... On My Heart.

So, So, Please, Take Care My Dear Friend and Princess +Amsterda Rocha, Be Blessed By Our God... i Have To Go To Paint... Now... My Turn...-:) Take Care And Have a Beautiful Week-End...


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