*** who will be the next Sons And Daughter's killer in the USA's Schools ??? ***

I Do Wonder. As Your "president" Is Doing the ostrisch's politic... Never Answering. Never Saving Lifes. Never Creating. Nothing . twitting , he Does. And you Are The Sheeps. eating Televisions. no More Speaking. No More Looking Around you. No More Sharing. I Know. i've spent 3 Months In NYC. It Was Enough. Homeless In Fat Jackets... Under Summer's Sun. On The Floor.  You DID Ignore Him. He Could Have Died. But you Don't Care Anymore. There Is a Song Called "Yes, You're Dead.", FromThe *** Hitchcock Go Home ***

Yes, you are.... Unfortunately.

Well.... I'm Going To Create... It Will Be Better Than your interba(i)se...

Me, I Don''t Care About My Death.
And I Know It.
She Will Be Great.

America. Great America. Again. Great America. You'Re Not Anymore My Homeland's Dream.
Anymore. Too many schizoids.

As your president, trump.

Serj Tankian, President Of The USA.


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